Kinetic Police Moto – 010114K

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Safety Area: 250x300cm

HIC: <90cm

Materials: - HDPE Figure
- HDPE Handles and caps
- PE-X Central Block
- Stainless Steel Spring
- Iron or steel connectors and hardware
- Rotomolded plastic special kinetic seat which emits red/blue lights
- Sealed structure, no risk of water leaking in the spring seat

Certified according to ruling norm UNI EN 1176:2008

Moto-shaped spring rider with white spring and a special Kinetic seat that uses the kinetic energy from the movement to create energy and light up LED lights placed within the seat.

The seat can also be equipped with a Bluetooth chip that gathers real-time usage data and, through a proprietary app, gives children the opportunity to check what other kids are doing throughout the world with other chip-equipped spring riders, how much energy is produced globally, and this can create a game of competition between kids in different nations.