010403B – Solar Powered Bench with roof

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Safety Area: No area needed

HIC: 50cm

Materials: -
- Polyurethane structure
- Pressure impregnated wooden seat
- LEDs and solar panels embedded inside the structure
- Powder-coated steel spring
- Galvanised steel foundation bracket
- Galvanised or stainless steel screws

No EN 1176 certification required

Two-seat bench on springs with roof. It is made of a white polyurethane body, with LED lights and solar panels embedded in the structure. The color of the lights can be personalized to the likings of the client.

This particular mechanism harvests solar energy during the day only to release it as light during the night. It creates a bright point in the city, a gathering place for people to meet and feel safe in the evening.

Age group: 3 to 99 years
Spaces: Public parks, Commercial areas, Bus stops, etc
Environment: Shade preferred for user comfort and protection. Salt air environments may reduce life of steel
Vandalism resistance: Low susceptibility